Optimize your shop selling on
Etsy with "smart listings"

Renew your listings on Etsy automatically. Maximize selling. Minimize effort.


I love love love your app and it has helped increase my business especially internationally as I can be asleep and it relists! Awesome.

Karen from Novel Creations

By Etsy sellers for Etsy sellers

How to keep your Etsy shop fresh and alive and how to interest potential customers in your products are two essential questions for all Etsy sellers. By offering unique items – with a quantity of only “1“ at a time – a big emotional and psychological as well as financial value is added for each single buyer.
Higher value results in higher prices, more sales volume and simply better business.

Taking care of your Etsy shop

Happy Sunday on Etsy looks after your shop and keeps it well-stocked: after updating your available stock the service will automatically renew sold items until stock is zero. It also renews expired items and renews items by invidiual schedules, e.g. "every Friday 10am" or "every other day 9pm". Happy Sunday on Etsy sends notifications by email for each action taken to keep you updated.

Serving Etsy sellers 24/7

Happy Sunday on Etsy runs on the cloud of Amazon and is working 24/7. You can access it via your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet to check the status or update settings to fit your business needs. There is no need to keep your computer running, to stay connected to the Internet or to manually renew items - everything is taken care of automatically.